my geocities project :3


For the research process, I scrolled through hundreds of archived webpages and took note of the ones that displayed typical characteristics of Geocities blogs but felt unique and intriguing on their own. I wrote short descriptions for them but I wanted to make sure the viewer experienced them for themself, as opposed to having me explain every aspect of it. I wrote this website using Visual Code Studio on Windows 11, and am hosting it on Neocities. I wanted it to look visually interesting but still have a very amateur feel to it. Additionally, I made sure to add personal details from my own niche interests and personality traits in the form of "banners" and other Geocities motifs. At the time of writing this, this is more of a proof of concept than a fully fledged documentary, but I hope to expand on it in the future!

Special thanks to restorativland for archiving all of the Geocities featured on this website.

Under construction

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